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  • When you first join Pack 3 you will receive a Pack 3 red t-shirt, which is our Class B Uniform
  • At each rank level, Pack 3 provides:
  • Scout Rank handbook
  • neckerchief
  • slide (for the neckerchief)
  • You will want to get a uniform shirt (a larger size or two larger than your child as they will be wearing it for several years and once you get the patches on it, you won't want to have to remove them and reattach them). As you can see above, the shirt is blue and it can be long or short sleeved. The pack has an ongoing uniform swap so that scouts moving on can donate their uniforms to younger scouts. Please ask a leader and we can see what we have on hand. You can order shirts and other Scout gear including patches from or at one of the local Scout stores listed below.
  • You will also need to purchase specific patches/insignia including:
  • BSA World Crest
  • NNJC (Northern New Jersey Council)
  • Pack 3
  • Den # (Each grade has a different den # that they keep throughout Cub Scouts. Check Scoutlander or Scoutbook to see  which Den # is the right one for your scout)
This link is a PDF showing proper placement of insignia. Only the types of insignia pictured are attached to the uniform. Other "event" patches (Rocket Launch, Popcorn Sales, museums, sports events, etc.) are not permanently attached to the uniform, but can be temporarily hanging or placed on the right pocket, or attached to an optional garment, such as the scout red vest.
  • Pack 3 does not require official BSA uniform pants. Jeans, dark blue khakis, or other dark blue pants or shorts work just fine.
Pack 3 "Class A" uniform is the blue shirt, pants/shorts. Our "Class B" uniform is the red Pack 3 t-shirt. Every event posted on the Scoutlander calendar will indicate when to wear either the Class A or B uniform. 

Local Scout Stores

Patriot's Path Council Shop
1130 Rt 22 (in the Verrex Building)
Mountainside, New Jersey

Northern New Jersey Council
Oakland Service Center
25 Ramapo Valley Rd (Route 202)
Oakland, NJ 07436
Patriot’s Path Council
1 Saddle Road NJ 
Cedar Knolls
, NJ 07927
973-765-9322  ext 233