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Boy Scout Troop 9999
(Winona, Minnesota)
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Winona-Rochester Diocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting

NCCS Unit Recognition (Boy Scouts)
** Note: This award is earned by a unit which is sponsored by a Catholic organization in this diocese. **

  National Catholic Unit Excellence Award - Pope Paul VI
This replaced the National Catholic Quality Unit Award in 2017. Awarded to a unit that meets certain requirements based on training, service, religious activities, and relationships. It is now similar to JTE, so you can earn a Bronze, Silver, or Gold whereas the old award was all or nothing. Please take a look. Like JTE, it is designed to ensure that you are providing a quality Scouting program, in this case a quality Catholic Scouting program. Read more and see the application form. See our past recipients on the Honor Roll page.
NCCS Good Turn Project
Recognizes units that give service to their Catholic-chartered organization in an exceptional way. Read more.

NCCGSCF Unit Recognition (Girl Scouts and Camp Fire)

At the present time, NCCGSCF does not have any unit recognition programs.